Penexus Consulting is a management training and Consulting firm, we develop leaders who transform organizations and contribute to society and also help clients proffer solutions to variety of strategy and funding related problem. We are an independent academic institution with Nigerian roots and global reach, established by business leaders for business leaders.

Led by an expert and diverse faculty, we deliver Real Learning Real Impact through a unique combination of teaching, research, coaching and organizational development activities. Challenging what is and inspiring what could be, we are the trusted learning partner of choice for ambitious individuals and organizations.

Based in Lekki Lagos and Gauteng, Johannesburg South Africa, Penexus Consulting is able to deploy executive trainings on Leadership, Risk management and Information technology, Anywhere in the world. Penexus Consulting Training arm has also stepped up its action and measurement efforts in the area of sustainability in recent years by forming global alliances that allows us access to World Class tutors

As a Consulting firm, we help clients meet the most demanding and complex business issues head-on—Stock loan Financing, developing, roadmapping, and implementing strategic plans Especially for New entrants into the African Business Terrain

Penexus Consulting assist clients by developing new business financing models that fundamentally alter the basis of competition and attempt to erect new barriers to entry. Our approach demands participation and commitment from executive management and other key business strategists

Penexus Consulting as an enterprise growth firm provide a holistic approach to business solutions through “best practice” approaches in Strategic Business Plan consulting, brand experience, and executive search.

We make immediate contributions towards your company’s Strategic business Plan objectives and can cost effectively provide you as broad or narrow a scope of services as your situation requires. Our professional services cut across a wide range of industries and sectors

We understand that the best organizations are managed well, by people who provide inspirational leadership. However, one of the most elusive aspects to leadership is learning to be an effective leader. President J.F Kennedy once stated: “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”; a statement that we firmly espouse, and one that resonates with our philosophy of offering training courses and consultancy that add real value to organizations and the individuals that comprise them.