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Penexus Consulting Provides accessibility to stock loans at competitive rates of 4 to 6% allowing you to manage the risks associated with the highs and lows of share prices

Research and Product Testing

We help entrants into new markets to understand the full weight of expectations in their chosen field Without detailed research enterprises waste resources and run foul of govt policies

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Strategic Business Planning

Penexus Consulting help clients build roadmaps of the future through strategically detailed business plans

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Alternative funding

We go beyond putting together a good business plan for you to getting equity/debt funding for enterprises or Project Funding through our network of Global investors

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Lets deliver

Research, business plan, Easy funding and business financing solutions against your company stocks

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What's Hppenning?

The Race for Universal Energy Access Speeds Up — Netherlands for the World Bank

STORY HIGHLIGHTS A billion people still live without electricity, but certain countries are starting to adopt new approaches to expand electricity services – reaching millions of people in the past few years. The number of people gaining access to electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa has begun to outstrip population growth for the first time. In South […]
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Kenya launches largest wind power plant in Africa — FOX2now.com

Kenya has launched Africa’s largest wind power farm in a bid to boost electricity generating capacity and to meet the country’s ambitious goal of 100% green energy by 2020. The farm, known as the Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) will generate around 310 megawatts of power to the national grid and will increase the country’s
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VentureBuilder launches innovative approach to support indigenous off-grid solar companies in Africa — Financing for Development in Africa

VentureBuilder, which is focused on scaling African-owned and managed off-grid solar enterprises, launched today in advance of the Unlocking Solar Capital Africa conference with support from the DOEN Foundation, Facebook, Shell Foundation, and USAID. Mandated with expanding energy access to underserved populations in Africa, VentureBuilder’s launch will enable it to pioneer a new investment model […]
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