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Penexus Consulting Provides accessibility to stock loans at competitive rates of 4 to 6% allowing you to manage the risks associated with the highs and lows of share prices

Risk Management.

Accessing Stock loans help you mitigate risk and market conditions. So whether you are looking at the short or Long term we are your preferred ally

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Stock Loans

Penexus Consuting provides you with Stock loans withup to $500 Million to help with Liquidity while allowing you to retain the upside potential of your stock position

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Management training

We deliver on demand onsite and offsite management focused training services from time to time.

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Lets deliver

Easy funding and business financing solutions against your company stocks

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What's Hppenning?

7 reasons your business failed to attract investors

7 reasons you failed at raising funds from #investors In the last 10 years we have helped businesses and project sponsors develop business plans for funding and linked some with investors. Here however are the 5 top reasons your plan failed to scale. 1.) Using Boiler plates. Yes boiler plates are business plan templates. Some
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Benefits of Securities Loans

The choice to invest in the stock market is one that can greatly improve one`s financial situation in the long term. However, stocks tie up much of an investor`s assets with the prospect of more money down the line but no funds available for any sudden costs that arise here and now. This is where
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Increasing Wealth by Borrowing Tax-Free Against Appreciated Stocks

Wondering if securities-based lending is right for you? Here are a few strategicways people just like you are using stock loans to make money off theirportfolios, get fast cash, and expand their wealth! 1. When you need a financial bridge If you’re in the process of selling your old house, while attempting to make an
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