Project Funding

Penexus Consulting is a totally Independent Contractor associated with a global network of private and institutional investors. As facilitators we are directly connected to our investors and as intermediaries we are experienced in processing, underwriting and placing complete presentation proposals of large and medium size commercial projects as well as other financial services to our clients. We respond immediately providing a fast and efficient service with flexible loan structures. It usually takes 2 to 4 days to perform a detailed review. We then may provide you with a contractual arrangement for our services and if acceptable by both parties, we will prepare a presentation for the lender providing all the documentation is in place. 

If a project is poorly presented we will inform the client and suggest him/her to restructure the complete documentation to make it acceptable to a particular investor’s underwriting conditions. Underwriting a file for funding varies with each lender after which a letter of intent may or may not be offered. After a duly executed letter of intent has been received by the lender, the next stage will be the due diligence and commitment process. On successful completion of the process, there will be the final funding letter and the last stage will be Escrow for the closing.