7 reasons your business failed to attract investors

7 reasons your business failed to attract investors

7 reasons you failed at raising funds from #investors

In the last 10 years we have helped businesses and project sponsors develop business plans for funding and linked some with investors. Here however are the 5 top reasons your plan failed to scale.

1.) Using Boiler plates.

Yes boiler plates are business plan templates. Some even downloaded with copy and paste technology trying hard to tweek the financials and getting stuck, or all the same Just going ahead to submit the #businessaPlan as it is

2.) Not adhearing to instructions.

Getting excited about a potential deal is good, but that is the time you need to stay calm and go through all the details with your team

3.) Timing is key.

If your #investmentbanking company or #investor ask for things within a timeframe, stick with it Or ask for an extention on time should you need to work extra at the request

4.) Going it alone

Going it alone. Usually I introduce clients who approach us for a link to investors, and they try to cut you off totally. The truth is, you cannot overemphasise the influence the agent has on the field, or how he might be able to answer your questions more easily.

5.) Not looking the part.

Owning a website as well as having a terrestrial footprint are both very important when your #investorrelations executives are doing their due diligence.
6.) Up to date tax clearance. This is often prove that you are trust worthy and are responsibly accountable.

7.) You are approaching the wrong #investors.

Most investors has specified fields or sectors they are interested in. Dont make a mistake of not first researching the potential investors interest before trying to pitch

The most important part in everything though is to keep moving no matter what

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As a management consulting firm, we help clients meet the most demanding and complex business issues head-on—developing, roadmapping, and implementing strategic plans Especially for New entrants into the African Business Terrain Penexus Consulting assist clients by developing new business models that fundamentally alter the basis of competition and attempt to erect new barriers to entry. Our approach demands participation and commitment from executive management and other key business strategists Penexus Consulting as an enterprise growth firm provide aa holistic approach to business solutions through “best practice” approaches in Strategic Business Plan consulting, brand experience, and executive search. We make immediate contributions towards your company’s Strategic business Plan objectives and can cost effectively provide you as broad or narrow a scope of services as your situation requires. Our professional services cut across a wide range of industries and sectors We understand that the best organizations are managed well, by people who provide inspirational leadership. However, one of the most elusive aspects to leadership is learning to be an effective leader. President J.F Kennedy once stated: “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”; a statement that we firmly espouse, and one that resonates with our philosophy of offering training courses and consultancy that add real value to organizations and the individuals that comprise them.

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